Colombians fear that if they miss out on the ‘greatest country on earth’ dinner, it will be ‘very difficult’ to afford it

Colombia is preparing for a worst-case scenario.

According to the country’s national food minister, Colombia’s National Assembly has approved a proposal to increase the amount of food in supermarkets from 6,000kg to 13,000 tonnes.

This will cost about 5.5bn pesos ($1.8bn).

The minister said this will be enough to feed 20 million Colombians.

This is just a start, he added.

The National Assembly is set to vote on the proposal in early December.

If the measure is approved, the government will have to decide whether to increase prices by 10% and/or increase the number of supermarkets to 30.

The number of stores could go up from six to seven or even up to 14, depending on the number and quality of produce being sold.

If a boycott is called off, there is no guarantee that the extra food will be sufficient.

According a recent poll by the daily newspaper El Comercio, 53% of Colombians believe the price increase would be bad for their economic situation, with 33% saying they would not eat the extra products.

The food minister said the measure will have a positive impact on Colombia’s economy, adding that it would increase the countrys consumption of the country�s main export: meat. 

In an interview with the Colombian news website El Comercial, José Peralta, the president of the National Assembly, said: ”The increase will also be beneficial for the country because of the extra production.

This means that Colombia will become the largest exporter of beef in the world.”

In fact, we have to say that we will become an exporter, not just a supplier of meat.

This measure will make us a big exporter.”

As a result, we can now get our hands on more meat.”

This is good news for the world because it means that Colombians will eat more meat, as they have been demanding for many years.

The increased consumption will help the Colombian economy because the demand for meat will increase and the country will be able to export more beef.”

The minister added that the increased production will help to reduce poverty and promote social justice.

The government has also said it would pay a monthly dividend of 2,000 pesos per month to the National Food Bank.

However, this amount is dependent on the availability of food. 

The minister warned that if the measures are not approved, there could be consequences.”

If this bill is not approved and the price of meat increases by 10%, we will not be able afford to buy our beef, because the price will go up by 10%.”

We cannot afford to eat this extra meat because we are dependent on it, he said.

The minister also said the increase would also affect the prices of produce.

In addition, if a boycott was called off the price increases would increase.”

The government will be forced to make some changes in order to have enough food for 20 million people, because we will need to import more food and this will make it more difficult to buy enough food to feed all Colombians,” the minister added.

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