Canidae dog foods can be gluten-free

Canidae dogs are famous for being easy to digest, and for being a dog food that can be a source of gluten for some people.

However, in the past few years, there have been concerns over the safety of some brands.

Canidae dogs were first identified as a food source in Israel in the 1960s, when researchers noticed the “red colouring” of some of the canned versions.

These red colouring was not found in the real dog food brands.

However in 2006, a new breed of dog, the German shepherd, was introduced into Israel and a few years later, there were concerns over whether or not these red colourations were actually present.

Since then, there has been a lot of research into the potential effects of the red colouration in the dog food.

Canidae food companies have also come under fire for using ingredients that are highly likely to cause allergic reactions in dogs, which can lead to allergies in humans.

As a result of these concerns, in 2015, Canidae Food and Petcare withdrew from marketing the Canidae Dog Food due to the “potential risk to dogs”.

However, it has since been re-released as a new product with a new recipe and ingredients.

“Canidae is the best brand for dogs,” said Israel’s Health Ministry spokesperson Erez Gavrieli.

“The products are formulated for the breed and its health needs and the product has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is safe for dogs and for humans.”

A spokesperson for the UK’s Food Standards Agency said that, while there is no information available on how the new Canidae is different to its older, more expensive version, they “do not support the claims made by Canidae about the safety and quality of the product”.

According to Gavieli, the new brand was developed in cooperation with Israeli researchers and will continue to be tested and tested until it is 100% safe for the dogs.

The health ministry is currently evaluating the new product and is waiting for the results.

There are currently around 4,000 Canidae products in the UK, with the majority of these marketed in Israel.

A new product from Canidae has been released.

The new product is not only gluten- and grain-free, but also low in fat, sodium, and saturated fat, according to the company.

The new Canids can be purchased from pet shops and online at

For the full story on Canidae and gluten-and-grain-free dog food and health, please visit:

WvfZgNfjGt Written by:  Mitzy Jaffar and  Gili Barakat, Jerusalem-based @MitzyJaffar 

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