A Puerto Rican’s take on the new taco: “What’s the best one?”

In a post-election celebration, Puerto Rican food blogger Luis Hernandez-Luna wrote on Twitter that Puerto Rican tacos are “the best.”

Hernandez-Launa also wrote on his Instagram page that Puerto Ricans are “very much” “in love with our tacos” and “are eating them all the time.” 

While some have already embraced the trend, Hernandez-Las said he doesn’t think it’s too soon to start ordering some, especially since the Taco Bell taco chain recently announced it was launching a new Taco Taco Bell menu. 

The chain plans to debut its new taco options at its new locations, including one in San Antonio, and on its U.S. stores.

Taco Bell spokeswoman Lauren DePauw told The Associated Press the company had not yet announced a launch date for the new Taco Bell food.

Taco bell has a long history of supporting Puerto Rican culture. 

In a tweet sent on Tuesday, Hernandez Launa said, “My mother is Puerto Rican and we are very proud of her and her culture.

And she is our first love.

Thank you for being Puerto Rican.” 

Some Puerto Ricas have taken the opportunity to share their taco-loving habits on social media, such as @CuevaEspañola, which has more than 8,000 followers and includes posts such as, “I eat tacos every day,” and “I love eating tacos because I’m so happy to see all the beautiful people of Puerto Rico.” 

Another Instagram user named El Chino posted a photo of his girlfriend’s boyfriend and said she had a “taco taco,” a type of taco that’s made with corn tortillas.

Another Instagram user who goes by the name El Diario shared pictures of a taco taco with a caption that read, “It’s a taco for breakfast or lunch.” 

Many people have taken to social media to share photos of tacos eaten at their favorite restaurants and to share recipes for the food.

Many Puerto Ricos, particularly those who live in rural areas, rely on their daily sustenance to make ends meet.

They often have to eat at restaurants that are run by the federal government and do not have food trucks. 

According to a recent Pew Research Center report, more than half of Puerto Ricias population lives in poverty, making it more difficult for them to buy food.

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